Lpr Tractors has been designing, testing and manufacturing wet ramp brakes since 1980 and its products are fitted on the leading brands of agricultural machinery worldwide.

Lpr Tractors standard range of wet ramp brakes is designed to meet the needs of today’s most commonly requested requirements and consists of:

  • Ramp brakes with the traditional actuating system with connecting rods and pull rod: 4” - 5.6” - 6” - 6.5” - 7” - 8”- 8.75”.
  • Ramp brakes with the wedge and pull rod actuating system: 6.5” - 8” - 9.5”- 12”.
  • Ramp brakes with the F.O.C. (Floating Oil Cylinder) actuating system to activate the service brake and a separate mechanical system for the 8.75” parking and emergency brake.
  • Ramp brakes with a fixed plate integrated into the transmission, available with and without servo effect.

In addition to its standard range, the highly qualified team at Lpr Tractors also develops new braking systems which are tailor-made to customer requirements. Its extensive design experience and dedication to testing on its dynamometric rig and in the field mean that every new system is highly energy efficient and delivers unparalleled braking performance, with ultra-compact designs and maximum cost effectiveness.

Wet ramp brakes are the right choice for agricultural and off-road vehicles because:
  • They are housed in an enclosed, sealed casing which protects them from dust, water and other pollutants which could compromise the brake’s performance.
  • If correctly designed, they can withstand very heavy wear over time. Thanks to the oil bath and the porosity of the friction material, brake wear is reduced to a minimum.
  • So problems linked to brake regulation or replacing worn parts become a thing of the past.
  • The servo effect , typical of ramp brakes, improves braking performance while keeping pressure on the pedal constant. Lpr Tractors has developed a system whereby a fixed plate is built into the transmission, allowing increased control of this effect and enhanced, more effective and controlled braking.


Lpr Tractors has designed, tested and manufactured annular piston brakes that operate in an oil bath and are integrated into the transmission since 1986. Annular piston technology delivers top quality performance in an ultra-compact design. Annular piston brake capabilities are therefore superior to those of ramp brakes of the same size. The main drawback of the annular piston system compared to the ramp brake is that it can only be controlled hydraulically so, according to current regulations, it cannot be used as a parking or emergency brake.

The Lpr Tractors annular piston brake however also offers the parking brake function in compliance with regulations. The patented Lpr Tractors solution consists of a ramp brake integrated into the annular piston. The annular piston brake is controlled hydraulically as the service brake, while the ramp brake housed inside is controlled mechanically to activate the parking and emergency brake. This means both outstanding performance of the service brake in an ultra-compact design and the parking and emergency function at a highly competitive price, as no parking brake is needed to act on the transmission, something which normally happens when combined with an annular piston brake.

Lpr Tractors develops tailor-made annular piston solutions, working with the customer from the initial design stage through to testing, when rig and vehicle tests are performed on all the parts and the best friction materials.


In addition to wet and annular piston brakes, Lpr Tractors also designs, tests and manufactures all the drive units which are fitted with the brakes and which control their actuation on agricultural machinery.
Thanks to its extensive experience, Lpr Tractors customers are offered a complete package with a drive unit + wet braking system which together guarantee:

  • Maximum energy efficiency. The force acting on the drive unit pull rod produces improved axial stress and,as a result, unparalleled braking capabilities.
  • An ultra-compact design and reduced costs. Thanks to Lpr Tractors test rig facilities and its extensive experience in the field, every new product is highly compact and delivers top performance and maximum cost effectiveness.